Capacities | Coalville UK

Demag cranes

Coalville technical centre machining capacities

Overhead lifting

Demag 12.5T remote control overhead cranes x3

CNC turning

Honor Seiki CNC vertical turning centre

Max 2000mm Ø | Max 1800mm height

Doosan Puma 700XLM CNC turning centre c/w live tooling

Max 900mm Ø | Max 5050mm length | Max 8,900Kgs between centres

Doosan Puma 400XLB CNC turning centre

Max 550mm Ø | Max 3114mm length | Max 2,200Kgs between centres

Doosan Puma 400LB CNC turning centre

Max 550mm Ø | 2093mm length | Max 2,000Kgs between centres

Manual turning

Crawford-Swift type 26/32D series 60 heavy duty straight bed lathe

Max 1775mm Ø | Max 6096mm length | Max 20,000Kgs between centres

Additional lathes

Max 1828mm swing in gap + 1016mm over saddle | Max 4000mm length | Max 10,000Kgs between centres

Vertical boring

Webster Bennett 90” vertical borer

Max 2489mm Ø | Max 1219mm length

Stanko 60” vertical borer

Max 1650mm Ø | Max 1040mm length

CNC milling and horizontal boring

Correanayak Norma 45 bed type CNC milling machine

Bed Size 4800mm long x 1000mm wide

Max 1500mm component height | Max 10,000Kgs weight capacity

Fully automatic indexing universal milling head

Doosan Mynx 7500 CNC vertical machining centre

Table Size 1600mm long x 750mm wide

Max 750mm component height | Max 1,500Kgs weight capacity

Nikken CNC302 4th axis rotary table and tailstock

Kearns Richards horizontal borer

Table Size 1200mm long x 1200mm wide

Max 900mm component height | Max 4000Kgs weight capacity


Butler 16” Stroke | Table 6’ Ø


FaroArm Edge laser line probe and CAM2 Measure 10

FaroArm Platinum 2.4m, 7 axis, CMM measuring arm

Mounted to granite surface table | can be mounted to machine tools for in-situ inspection

Spectrotest mobile metal analytic machine

Full chemical composition testing


Horizontal hydraulic press

250 ton capacity | Max 2750mm component length | Max 1220mm component Ø or width

Box Oven (hot assembly)

Digitally thermostatically controlled

Max 320°C temperature | Internal dimensions 2000 x 2000 x 2200mm high


Welding Alloys MultiSurfacer™ column and boom with turntable welding

3000mm Ø table | 3000mm high + 700mm Ø bore pit | Max weight 14,000Kgs


Prosaw Mega BS-400SA

Cutting capacity 400mm Round bar | Rectangular section 400 x 320mm